How to Style a Printed Hijab

hey ladies,

since elhm store is launching their exclusive printed hijab collection, i wanted to share some tips on how to match them with any outfit.

sometimes some of us get stuck at times trying to match beautifully printed hijabs, so we usually avoid wearing them altogether and stick to safe block colours.

which of course is also great and can make an outfit super stylish, but don’t we all want to be more daring sometimes? take a risk and wear those prints that you never thought were meant to be for you?

as designer ralph lauren said: “personal style is about taking a risk, trying something unexpected, and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself.”

knowing how to pull off printed scarves is essential for every hijabi girl who is brave enough to take a risk.

and it is not as hard as it seems. let me break it down for you…

the safest way to match printed hijab is to wear it with a plain color top.

you can also look at the details of your printed scarf and choose one tone that you would like to highlight in your outfit and a choose a top of the same colour or for an edgy look, make it a full monochrome outfit.

another way would be wearing print on print.

you can choose to wear chain print with polka dot top, or paisley with stripes. here you want to match the tones and colours rather than the patterns. if the colours are matching, most probably the prints will match too. if that feels a little too crazy for you, try matching patterned pieces with one colour that they share. you can keep your top block color and incorporate patterns on your trousers or skirt.

it can be a bit tricky to pull off, but as long as you like it and it feels right who cares?

fashion has no rules. it is all about your personal style, character and taste. if you carry it with confidence and own your look, you can pull off the craziest combination.

life is too short, have fun with fashion, be adventurous.

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