Is the Fashion Industry Embracing Modesty?

Can i be stylish, trendy and modest at the same time?

yes, yes, yes!

as a woman who dresses modestly, i know the struggle of finding good stylish pieces while staying modest. i found looking for clothes online difficult. i always felt what i found was not suitable or that it didn’t allow me to express my style, making me feel as though my outfits were boring and not trendy.

but a lot has changed over the years. western fashion designers have slowly started shifting their gaze at young girls and women like you and me, who were craving variety, diversity and inclusion.

as the middle east began to open its doors to the west and vice versa, the muslim consumer market began to grow. this meant one thing for the global fashion industry:

somethings had to change. and they did.

today, the western fashion industry has become a place for everyone. catwalks now feature muslim models such as halima aden and ikram abdi omar. luxury brands and fast fashion campaigns have also featured hijabi models and everyday women who we can relate to.

the likes of dole&gabbana, gucci, maxmara and many other high-end brands have also diversified their collections to make them more inclusive for women of all backgrounds.

thanks to this shift, the fashion industry can no longer be tone-deaf and a push for inclusion has raised international expectations of brands to be socially and culturally aware.

we are excited as a brand to be starting this journey at a time like this, when the boundaries are being erased and where we use fashion for empowerment.

a woman is not defined by what she wears but by how she wears it. at elhm we aim to empower women by giving them the power of choice with a variety of modest fashion collections - because elegance and style know no boundaries.

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