Eid Al-Adha Gift Ideas

eid al-adha is approaching us and unfortunately the covid-19 global pandemic affected the way we celebrate our holidays, but we still hope you stay safe and enjoy celebrations with your loved ones, even if it is via video calling.
and knowing personally how busy these times are, with the world adjusting to new schedules and working hours, and especially with children spending more time at home, there is simply not enough hours in a day to go searching for gifts for friends and family. so, i wanted to try to at least make it a little easier for you and give you a couple of ideas for eid gift options for loved ones.


i’ll start off with the ladies in our lives. no idea what to get for mum, sisters, or yourself?

1)      elhmstore has got your back.
you can choose scarves from our exclusive printed hijab collection that come in a beautiful floral printed box and a little elhm store gift cards.         
alongside with wide selection of block colour hijabs with chiffon, jersey, silk, and cotton materials elhm store is ready to meet any hijabi girl’s needs.
and for yourself, you can choose one of the handmade and stunning evening dress collection on elhm store because you also deserve selflove, selfcare and a little treat from elhm.

find us on www.elhmstore.com

2)      why not spoil your best friend with a bespoke island facial with lashes and skin. every girl loves to have glowing skin and it would be a lovely memorable experience.

find them on instagram @lashesandskin

3)      gift your loved one a beautiful eid hamper by moshare events. take the trouble out of having to figure out a gift for your family in law and opt for a beautifully wrapped eid basket hamper filled with beautiful things they are guaranteed to enjoy like a quranic verse favour, eid card, sweets and chocolates. moshare events can tailor their baskets to your budget and to the special someone in your life.

find them on instagram @mosharevents

4) for the daughter or teen in your life, why not check out these beautiful handmade tie-dye t-shirts available on splashd london. each piece can be tailored and customised to your favourite colours and designs. the most fun and exciting gift a teen girl could receive on eid day.

find them on instagram @splashdlondon


of course, we cannot forget the most precious members in our families – children. well, what can be a better present on eid than a box of sweets, colourful candy and chocolates. and not just any ordinary sweets, but exclusive american candy. you can pre order your eid box straight to your door. can you imagine the face of the little ones when they open the box? spend your holidays with a rush… of sugar.

find them on instagram @sq.candy.co


last but not least, our dear men. it is a myth that finding a gift for him is “mission impossible.” but sometimes you get stuck with so many options and not sure which present is the safe option. but here are a couple of ideas;

1) for more authentic and traditional gifts you can visit online store https://www.as-sumou.co.uk/. they have a range of the finest cashmere scarves, egals, and fragrances for men. and they also have eid al-adha price drop plus free uk delivery.

2) another option would be a gift of experience. weather it would be a gift of an activity that would literally take his breath away, like skydiving, or something more relaxing, like a spa day with a nice dinner. this could be an unforgeable gift built in his memory forever. because, the truth is, in this busy world where we have so many responsibilities, we often forget about self-care and fun that will live in our memories for a life time.

enjoy your holidays and eid mubarak, love from elhm.

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